Packaged air conditioner

AIR to AIR packaged air conditioner unit for indoor installation, for medium to large commercial cooling and heating applications in urban building.

Air flow (m³/h): 
3150 - 22450
Cooling (kW): 
20 - 100
Heating (kW): 
20 - 100

Designed to be installed indoor with duct connections to Outdoor and to the air conditioned premises. By this installation the only elements appearing outdoor are protection grills. 
In many city centres, historical protection requires the preservation of building architecture. Having no HVAC machinery elements on the external building fronts protects the original architecture.
The compact vertical design of COMPACTAIR optimize the occupied footprint, to preserves the available surface for commercial activity.

Range of 10 models in 4 differents casing and 3 models available in dual-split from 2x18kW to 2x30kW.
Available in cooling only and reversible heat pump unit, that can be completed by auxiliary heating.

External available pressure; up to 400 Pa on air handling section and up to 350 Pa on condenser section.

Can be splitted with up to 65 m distance between air treatment section and compressor section.



Vertical construction with small footprint
Centrifugal fans in supply section with up to 550 Pa ESP
Centrifugal fans in Outdoor section
Scroll Compressors
Galvanized Sheet steel casing
Filtration G4
Voltage 400 / 3 + N / 50
RAL 9002 white colour


All units are equipped with, Dynamic Defrost control, Dynamic Set Point,Time Schedule programmer
2 control platform with exclusive LENNOX Air-to-Air software are used ont he whole range:

  • CLIMATIC 40 integrated service display and remote comfort display
  • CLIMATIC 50 control for advanced comfort & communication devices: Master-Slave, Multi-Unit display, BMS communication (Modbus,Lonworks,BACnet) .

Advanced default analyse, enthalpy and humidity control (optional), CO2 level control (optional), Stepped and Modulating auxiliary heaters
Low Noise control option reducing the noise level down to 9 dB(A)
Top of the art «Dirty filter airflow control»: keep the comfort optimum all along the filter lifecycle.



Fresh air

  • Free cooling for energy saving and fresh air management
  • Exhaust fan module: this ensures overpressure extraction in case of high level of fresh air inlet.
  • Return module: the return fan enables to overcome the return duct pressure drop, particularly during freecooling operation.

Indoor Air Quality

  • EU4 / F7 panel filters
  • Dirty filter sensor
  • Indoor Air Quality sensor: To match minimum fresh air requirements with occupancy. It measures CO2 levels and adjusts fresh airflow rate accordingly.

Auxiliary heating

  • Electrical heater: Standard, medium and high capacity heaters. Available with steps or modulating control.
  • Hot water coil heater: includes the valves and has a proportional potential with CLIMATIC™ 50 advanced control


  • Long refrigerant piping: allows up to 65m piping between the internal and external units.
  • Shut off service valve: easier installation & service operations. Includes a valve on the gas loop side and a valve on the liquid loop side of split units.
  • Refrigerant pre-charged: split condenser supplied with factory filled refrigerant pre-charge. Includes shut off service valves, on liquid & gas loop sides.

Electrical and safety

  • Main switch: situated on the Electrical panel of the condensing unit. The unit is shut off when the board panel is opened.
  • Phase sequencer: this prevents the compressor from starting if the phases are reversed.
  • Air sock control: Soft start control of supply fan allows the air socks to be progressively filled with air on start up.
  • Smoke detector: (optical head)

Other options
Low Noise & Winter Operation with Inverter control: Reduce radiated noise and noise in duct at condenser are reduced down to 9dBa. Cooling operations are also possible down -15°C.
Precoated coil: outdoor or indoor coils anticorrosion treatment. Particularly recommended in salin or polluted environment.