Research & Development

Technologies evolve, regulations too: the LENNOX EMEIA
teams work to invent solutions that, day after day, improve
the lives of our customers, responding to ever changing

  • Ease of installation
  • Energy efficiency: how to provide the highest level of comfort while minimising energy costs
  • Reduction of maintenance frequencies and costs
  • Optimisation of end of life recycling
    We focus on the overall cost of use of our solutions, from
    the start to the end of their lives.

Because of this, LENNOX HVAC EMEIA is responsible for a number of major innovations.


For the ROOFTOP range

  • eFlow and eDrive without pulley and belt with automatic measurement and control of air flow

  • Tandem compressors to improve part-load performance

  • Dynamic defrosting to defrost only when necessary (patent)

  • Alternating defrosting to limit the drop in supply air temperature during defrosts

  • Hinge-mounted coils to reduce the footprint of the machine (patent)

  • Modulating gas burner (patent)


For the CHILLER range

  • Use of aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers reducing the quantity of R410A refrigerant in the circuits

  • “Acoustic Attenuation System™” to manage noise depending on customer needs

  • Dynamic defrosting to defrost only when necessary (patent)

  • eFlow to control the water flow depending on the heat load


HVAC&R Laboratory facilities

  • MIONS laboratory facility has been designed to handle tests for both medium to high capacity HVAC products and Refrigeration equipment.

On HVAC Air Side, a 250 kW test chamber is testing Air cooled & Water cooled Rooftops handling up to 40000m3/h from -15°C to 50°C.
This is made of a large Outdoor condition room receiving a Rooftop unit connected with a wide Indoor condition room, the link being made of an AMCA tunnel.
Those 2 chambers are since 2012 qualified for welcoming Eurovent Engineers in order to achieve yearly Rooftop program above 85kW.
Beside those chambers, the team is also trained to run and test GAS heating products used in Rooftop.

On HVAC Water Side, a 450 kW test chamber is receiving cooling only & reversible Chiller whether it would be air cooled or water cooled.
In a second chamber, a ground source of 180m3/h of constant temperature well water is allowing qualification and life test up to 1000 kW.

For Refrigeration, several tools are dedicated for Evaporators & Condenser products.
First, an AMCA tunnel is focusing on axial fan performance qualification.
Then a Coil Fin Performance tunnel is a key tool to evaluate the coils behavior to cool or heat the air.
Life test equipment is also installed to simulate accelerated cycles on product.
Various new refrigerants are under test in dedicated compressorized racks including low GWP fluids like CO2 or R407F.
In the coming month, a new chamber will be built allowing to realize standardized capacity & acoustic performances test for Evaporators.

  • BURGOS laboratory facility is focusing on small to medium HVAC products tests.

2 set of 2 test chambers are receiving Air Cooled Chiller and Rooftop from 20 to 200 kW under condition from -10°C to 50°C.
An AMCA tunnel is allowing to test Rooftop and Package Air Side product up to 20000 m3/h.
Control platforms qualification and accelerated lifetest for components used in HVAC product are also key competence of this facility.